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What is conservation tokens?

Fundraising for nonprofits while making you profits

We are proposing to help local nonprofits raise funding for equipment, food, medical supplies and land through the following scenarios…

NFTS - Non Fungible Tokens

We are releasing sets of NFTS to aid in raising fund for organisations who need it. Every sale of an NFT will generate funds paid back to Conservation Tokens and then onto our organisations.

Direct Campaign Donations

Once the organisation has been vetted, their needs/wants determined, we then create Campaigns to raise equipment/expertise/funds/supplies from anyone interested, globally.

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Achieving our goals

We are strategic and creative to inspire donations helping others carry out their mission.
Since 2002, we’ve helped raise more than
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Do you have something to offer more than just a donation or buying/selling of NFTS?  Maybe you can supply materials or services.  Get in touch!


Current Campaigns

Browse through some of our open campaigns that you can donate to. All proceeds will be directed towards the described projects and any overflow of funds will be donated to more campaigns within the same organisation. If you can offer further services such as materials or professional services, please contact us…

Recently Added Environmental Organisations

Umsizi Vervet Rescue

Umsizi Vervet Rescue Registration No:  NPO 097-737 Started: 2015 Location: Umkomaas, KZN Website: Contact: 072 ...

Monkey Helpline

For more than 30 years, Steve and Carol have been rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing monkeys and many other unfortunate wildlife that ...

C.R.O.W – Center for Rehabilitation of Wildlife

Registration No:  NPO 046-598 Started: 1977 Location: Yellowood Park, Durban Website: Contact: 031 462 1127 After Hours: ...

Tears Animal Recue

Tears Animal Rescue Location: Sunnydale, KZN Website: Contact: 021 785 4482 RECEPTION T: 021 785 4482F: 021 785 ...

Pet Health Care

Pet Health Care Location: South Africa Website: Email :    ...

Amanzimtoti SPCA

Amanzimtoti SPCA Location: Amanzimtoti  KZN Website: Contact: 031 904 2424 After Hours : 072 ...

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